Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meet 'the one' and Read Freeing Her!

I'm not going to re-has the blurb and such (seriously, just look at the post below this one for the synopsis and all that jazz.)  Shouldn't be a secret or anything, but I've fallen in love with A.M.'s books- especially the romances.  Freeing Her is no exception; this is book hangover material right here, folks.

This book hit my like a freight train, in a good way. In a 'hit me baby, one more time' way.  It was emotinal, and raw, and sensual, and so damn sweet at times.  Keep in mind, this is a series, and while it does have a 'happy for now' thing going on, you're going to want to continue the series.  Nay, you're going to NEED to contiue the series.  It won't be a chore. *Shivers with delight*

It's a sexy, dark (and I mean ebony dark) ride with characters that have equally dark pasts, and unfettered kink without all the restrictions. This isn't a full rubber bodysuit with handcuffs and floggers and butt plugs, get your mind out of the red room of pain.  Consider it more of a 'layman's kink'; the kind of kink I am so much more familiar with.  No contracts and safe words, because it doesn't always have to go to that level of extreme to have seriously hot kinky sex.  I know hard core BDSM lovers will probably be grabbing their pitchforks (or floggers?) over that statement, but if you're just a 'dabbler' in that scene, and occasionally like it rough... this is how it is in my experience.

One thing that did give me a minor *ick* feeling... being inside the head of Gabby's cousin.  Ewww.  I don't like it there.  At all.  Though, to really get that full analysis of exact what a sick puppy he is, the reader needs that peek.  Do I have to like it?  No.  But I needed it.  It's just sad knowing there are such sick freaks (using that word in a BAD way) out there.  So, let that be a warning, there is a sick and twisted counsin that will make your skin crawl.  No Cleaver family here.

I don't want to spend this entire review spewing out favorite quotes- but just you you know, there was highlighting going on.  And maybe a panty change or two... or three, or four... OK Moving on... 

I cannot WAIT until the next book. *starts jittering like a crack addict*  I want more Kolson!  I want to hold him, and find out more, and maybe lick him just a tiny bit.  That's not weird at all, right?  MORE KOLSON!!!

Officially, I'm giving 4 'I love your mouth' hearts, but throw in a nice swat on the ass and claiming kiss.

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