Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Kill Devil Hills by Sarah Darlington (review)

Kill Devil Hills by Sarah Darlington


He’s twenty-four. She’s eighteen.
His life is exactly the way he’s always wanted it to be...stable.
She’s quite possibly the very definition of unstable.
Noah saved her.
Georgina never wanted to be saved.
Growing up, Noah Clark was passed from one relative to the next until he finally ended up living with his abusive, alcoholic uncle in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Thanks in part to the unwavering love and support of his best friend, Ellie Turner, Noah survived those years, escaped his uncle, and grew into the man he is today. Now he runs his own business and lives a pretty normal, no-nonsense life—one where he maintains a high level of control. 
Georgina is Ellie’s younger sister. Four months ago, Noah saved Georgie’s life, but he thought that was where his involvement with his friend’s sister would end. Now Georgie has returned home from the recovery facility her parents sent her away to and Noah, still haunted by the night that connects them, can’t stop himself from continuously trying to protect this girl he barely knows. But is he willing to give up all of the control he’s worked so hard to build in his life and risk everything for her? Even more importantly, would she do the same for him?

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5 Stars!!

I loved it - completely totally loved it.  I have been in a slump for the whole summer basically and this is the first book in a very long time that I was sucked in from the first page.  
I fell in love with Noah through the story.  I would have loved to know more about what makes him tick, but I still loved it.  Georgie I had a harder time connecting with but as the story went on I really grew to care about her.  I felt this as I saw her grow and come to some realizations about life and herself.  By the end of the story, I really loved her.  Let me just say that I love her sister and can't wait to see what comes for her!
The subject matter of this book is very powerful.  I loved the emotional story told by Ms Darlington in this book.  It is raw and beautiful.  The story is told in a well written perfect style.  
I think any one will like this book.  It is a great point to start reading New Adult, Contemporary, Fiction anything!  I would caution younger readers - the content and steamy factor will make this cautionary for you.  However, everything is done very very well and I do believe any one can read and enjoy this book.
I will most definitely be reading anything I can get my hands on from this author - I loved her style of her writing and the pace/flow was great!  As I said earlier, I've been in a slump and this book was able to get back reading - completely worth the 5 star rating I've given it.


I do have a bonus for you - while I was reading this book I was listening to Sam Smith's album...  He has a song called "Latch" (acoustic) that fit this book so perfectly.  I plastered it on twitter and facebook already, but I wanted to tie to my review as well, so check this out.  I think it fits Noah and Georgie perfectly!


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