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21 Days to Change Your Body by Helen M. Ryan

21 Days to Change Your Body
by Helen M. Ryan

Have you ever wondered why you don't lose weight on a diet? Is it the diet program itself that is ineffective? Or is it your mindset?

In this fresh, new approach to weight loss, 21 Days to Change Your Body (and Your Life) will show you how to lose weight by changing the way you think about dieting. Be healthier, be happier and enjoy a better quality life--while eating the foods you love.

Based on the author's own experience with losing more than 80 pounds, Helen M. Ryan shows you how to overcome the mental blocks to weight loss success, how to fit exercise into your busy day, and what you should doing and eating to fit into your "skinny jeans."

Finally, a real book for real people that offers a step-by-step guide that will help you win the weight loss war. It's real, honest, refreshing and engaging.

Are you ready to take back your life and lose weight? Let's begin your future. It starts now.
Paperback, 204 pages
Published May 1st 2012 by Real World Guides

I was once severely obese and living a sad life. I had no dreams or goals of my own, and just silently ate myself to death, hoping to one day to simply fade away and out of my misery.

In August of 2003 I was faced a life-changing experience. I sat next to my dad, who was riddled with cancer, and held his hand as he died.
 At that very moment I realized I was mortal and that some day I, too, would die....and I would die without accomplishing anything or helping anyone. My life would not have mattered.

So as my father took his last breaths I realized I had had a decision to make: Either stay with more of the same or make a change in my life. I chose change and became a certified fitness pro, speaker and writer.

My first book, 21 Days to Change Your Body (and Your Life, is a result of all I have learned, and I hope it makes a difference in your life.

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My Review:
21 Days to Change Your Body is a great source of information for anyone looking for a fresh start.  The author has gathered many helpful tips and ideas for a healthier lifestyle in this step-by-step guide.  The ideas she gives in the book are not radically new or different, most are common sense.  However, they are presented here in a new and fresh way, and set up so they are easy to follow through on.

Along with the tips for healthier living, the author also gives us insight into her own life, showing how these steps helped her to become a healthier, happier person.  I thought this personal touch brought a lot to the book, and I look forward to implementing some of the ideas presented in the book.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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