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How I loved this emotional roller coaster ride ~ Is This All I Want ~ Patricia Mann

Is This What I Want? by Patricia Mann
This is a contemporary romance novel (Rated NC-17)
 (Four and a half Wonderful Hearts)
Book Summary
Four difficult months have passed since Beth’s husband Rick discovered her affair with a former student. The couple has worked hard in therapy to salvage their marriage and understand their roles in everything that happened. Things are looking up until Dave reappears, awakening Beth’s fantasies of what could have been had she taken their affair to the next level. Now that she is faced with another opportunity, Beth battles an even more impossible dilemma than the first time she was caught in Dave’s web.

Amidst the trouble in her marriage and pressure to shield her children from the discord, Beth is also called upon to help her two best friends, both with serious problems of their own. The stress sparks temptation to seek comfort in her favorite vices. But she knows she can’t hide if she wants to save what matters most. The question is, what does she want?
My Review

Let me be honest. I hate cheating books with a passion. But there are some exceptions, Thoughtless (well at least beginning with the 2nd book in the series) and this one. But otherwise, I’ll take a pass.
I’m even going to say that I was rooting for the other guy in book one. Like rooting hard. IDK. Call me fickle sometimes, but the way the story was told and unfolded, I felt for the semi stay at home mom. And the guy in that one, Dave, was all kinds of yummy.
But in this story we get to meet Rick and fickle me quickly changes sides. Although I admit the start of the story was a bit slow for me, it quickly picks up. And Rick became my knight in shiny armor. I loved him soooo much. Even more than Dave. But I still loved Dave and felt bad for a particular moment in the story. You must read to find out what happens. Still…
My emotions were all over the place. The author made my heart stutter stop several times. It was a wonderful read and I enjoyed every second once the story got going. And I was too invested in the story to stop reading even well past the witching hour and into the early dark of a new day.
If you haven’t read the first or enjoy cheating books, check this one out. I recommend highly.
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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Talk about HOCK Rockstar book! High Strung by T. Gephart

High Strung (Power Station #1) by T. Gephart
This is an adult contemporary romance (Rated NC-17)
 (Five Knock 'em out the Park Hearts)
Book Summary
Ashlyn Murphy was not living the dream. Twenty-seven years old, college educated, up to her eyeballs in debt and yet she’d been relegated to pouring beers at a local bar. She desperately needed an out and was willing to do anything to get back into the corporate world. Well, almost anything. Dan Evans, Rock Star was NOT one of those things. In fact she despised him. Apparently he didn’t get the memo.

Dan Evans, bass player of international rock band Power Station had it all. He was rich, travelled the world, played to millions of adoring fans and had no shortage of beautiful women willing to share his bed. He didn’t need a moody redheaded knockout with a superiority complex complicating his life. Or did he?

When two people who couldn’t be more opposite cross paths, it’s bound to be explosive; sometimes all you can do is sit back and enjoy the show.
My Review ~ By Terri ~ @mybookboyfriend
My first book by this author and I was highly impressed. It was recommended by a friend of mine who always recs books to me that knock them out of the park. Thanks Amy!
This was a great book without the needs of contrived plots to get the heart racing. This story was unpretentious and refreshing.  And guess what?  Laugh Out Loud funny! And I mean that. Because I didn’t find some other so called funny books, funny at all. I’ve read and seen too much to be easily brought to laughter by lines used by comics over the centuries. Not the case here. I was laughing my head off.
Let’s get to the characters. DAN, DAN, DAN. I love him. And guess what, his name is DAN, not some made up let’s try to be different kind of name. And that about sums it up. This book is good because it didn’t try to be anything but. Okay, back to Dan. Dan is a bad boy in a realistic, I don’t need therapy after reading kind of way. He was a bad boy who didn’t make bones about who he is or blame childhood drama on being a man. And he’s funny. His one liners are excellent.
And Ashlyn got points for not being dim witted, struck by hotness that she becomes a mess when he’s not who she wants him to be kind of girl. I like her strength.
And the story was a cold drink on a hot summer’s day and let me tell you. You will need that cold drink because this book gets hot. Anyway, READ already. So good. It’s worth it, promise.
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